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Innovation in Online Credit-based Teaching (2014)

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science instructors for post-baccalaureate degree in computer science online

Terri Fiez, Justin Wolford, Justin Goins, Joseph Jess, Samina Ehsan, Karti Mayaram, Padma Akkaraju - College of Engineering

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science uses an intensely collaborative and interactive instructional approach to make sure that faculty are aware of what’s going on in all the other courses in the department. This “big picture” approach allows the faculty to teach as a program rather than as a series of individual classes. When an issue is identified in one class, all faculty work together to address it with online videos and other techniques that can be used in other classes.

A cornerstone of online computer science program is the opportunity for students to meet with computer industry leaders face to face in its annual career showcase. What’s more, the curriculum itself features interviews with industry leaders who discuss how concepts taught in class are put to work in the real world.

Despite its success, the faculty is not standing pat. Instructors continually run scripts and gather data about how their students use the online classroom, giving them valuable insights that help them plan future course content and revamp existing features.

Source URL: https://engagement.oregonstate.edu/innovation-online-credit-based-teaching-2014

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