Oregon State University Extension Service

2017-18 Cohort

Nick Harper

Nick Harper

Multimedia Developer, Course Development and Training Unit , Division of Extended Campus

Mentor: Katie Linder, Research Director, Division of Extended Campus

LDPE Project Summary:

I developed a wiki for the creation of multimedia objects for online courses. This was intended for online instructors who wanted to create multimedia on their own, but will grow into a resource for anyone creating multimedia for any purpose.

After seeing what upper management is really about, I feel much more confident in my abilities to support a team from within, as opposed to passing orders downhill.

Emily Henry

Emily Henry

Assistant Program Leader, OSU Open Campus

Mentor: Allison Davis-White Eyes, Director, Community Diversity Relations

LDPE Project Summary:

My leadership project was initially centered on finding new ways to connect our Open Campus team, including developing an internal newsletter and potentially a series of year-long trainings. I worked with our Open Campus Communications Manager to develop the newsletter, which she has continued to compile and distribute to our team on a biweekly basis. Then, I started my LDPE coaching just as my professional life underwent several major shifts, including a change in leadership, a change in Divisions, and, eventually, a change in my work when I joined a new transfer student success project and took leave from my 0.5FTE position with PACE. Through my LDPE coaching, I was able to explore concepts such as: where I can exert control vs. influence, building emotional self-awareness, and making space for self-reflection. Although I never developed those Open Campus trainings, I progressed along my leadership journey with the time and space to work through all my professional changes. As a result, I’m now part of a project that is tied to my strengths and passions.

I really enjoyed the whole experience, but I particularly liked the dedicated time toward understanding and improving myself through the individual assessments and one-on-one coaching.

Holly HIll

Holly Hill

Corporate Education Manager for the Division of Extended Campus.

Mentor: Ron Adams, Senior Advisor to the President for Strategic Initiatives

LDPE Project Summary:

For my LDPE project, I created and administered a corporate training and education needs assessment for the Portland market. This project combined both of my roles and allowed me to connect with stakeholders across campus, with companies in the Portland area and OSU senior leadership. The results informed decisions for corporate training and degree completion across Oregon State and led to better decision making.

Being paired with a senior executive opened up so many doors that I never would have been able to access on my own. Being connected with my mentor was a career-changer for me, leading to new leadership opportunities within my division and the university, through connections I took advantage of at the suggestion of my mentor. I look at every project and every connection as an opportunity that will help me advance my leadership skills. Being able to lead from whatever position I am in, and knowing that it has a positive effect.


Tonya Johnson

Assistant Professor (Practice), Extension Service Family and Community Health, Marion and Polk Counties

Mentor: Pamela Rose, 4-H Youth Development Specialist, former Program Leader, 4-H Youth Development

LDPE Project Summary:

My LDPE project started with the goal of developing a plan or best strategy for how to educate stakeholders (and later the community) on the value of FCH working within a collective impact framework to improve health outcomes. A logic model was first crafted, and then research was conducted. It was determined that stakeholders do support FCH working at the population level but may not fully understand social determinants of health or health equity. Therefore, a brief lesson plan for starting conversations about the social determinants of health was developed. It was also determined that to fully address health equity, it’s important that those experiencing health inequities take the lead in this work. I believe that Extension needs to look into this further to determine if and how we can best support this work.

With LDPE, I appreciated the time to learn, to process, to explore. The program offers a variety of experiences over 9 months, each one building on the other. The greatest value for me was having the opportunity and time to actively participate in and reflect on each activity and the experience as a whole. I am forever grateful for the experience.


Drew Olson

Information Technology Consultant (ITC) 3, Course Development and Training Unit, Division of Extended Campus

Mentor: David Goodrum, Director of Academic Technology

LDPE Project Summary:

Hybrid, video production training course for student workers. The course is designed to be modular and scaleable so different units across campus can adapt it to their needs.

This was my first "taste" of leadership and it has totally changed my view on my job. I am not more willing to remove myself from situation and take more of a listening and support role to help others make their ideas happen. I am also more willing to take on my challenging tasks and take the lead on larger projects.


Lucas Turpin

Director of IT, College of Agricultural Sciences, Client Services Associate Director.

Mentor: Sam Angima, Assistant Dean, Outreach and Engagement, Program Leader, Agriculture and Natural Resources

LDPE Project Summary:

My project ended up evaluating the policies and processes to collect and use impact statements. The goal of my project was to identify issues, make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of impact statements and lead the organization through the initial discussions required for positive change.

Through LDPE, I gained skills to help me work toward ensuring that the work my team does is aligned with the needs of the organization, and making sure the people providing services understand the value and impact of their work in support of the organization.

John Fowler

Dr. John Fowler

Professor, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology

Mentor: Bill Boggess, Executive Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences

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