Aligning Extension and Engagement with the OSU Strategic Plan 4.0

Credit: Lynn Ketchum (Cropped from original)

Strategic plans clarify what is important and guide where we are heading.

Oregon State University's 2019-23 strategic plan (SP4.0): Transformation, Excellence and Impact articulates the university’s commitment to exceptional research, discovery, innovation and engagement — and to integrating that research and engagement mission to deliver a high-quality, globally relevant and affordable education that is accessible to all learners.

The Division of Extension and Engagement is central to advancing this integrated mission. Our strategic framework — which includes overarching distinctions, aims and strategies — aligns with each of the four OSU SP4.0 goals. It serves as an internal guiding light we can use when planning work, aligning program and team goals, and collaborating across OSU and with communities.

Strategic plans also tell how we intend to reach our goals and how we measure progress and success. Division leaders will continue to define and ensure strategic alignment at all levels and connect processes and systems for resource allocation and accountability with this framework.

We will revisit our framework as the university's strategic plan and vision for 2030 continue to evolve.

Credit: Stock.Adobe.Com (Cropped from original)