Project and Executive Mentoring

OSU Executive Mentor

You will be matched up with a mentor based on your identified areas for growth and development and your project concept. Mentors may be within the division but may also come from across the University and from other institutions.

As a reminder, individuals selected as mentors must:

  • Serve in a leadership role that develops and advances an organizational vision
  • Exhibit a mission-driven orientation and a commitment to serving others
  • Demonstrate leadership competence and a tolerance for ambiguity
  • Manage people with care, compassion, and competence while following University policies and meeting unit goals and objectives
  • Communicate in a positive, two-way manner that advances unit goals and objectives
  • Exhibit time management skills leading to efficiencies and impact
  • Lead strategic efforts to diversify resources in support of unit goals and objectives
  • Be politically savvy, managing relationships internal and external to the University

OSU Executive Mentor Project

This experience will range from 10-20% of the participant’s time for a period not to exceed three months (preferably between Jan. and May). The exact scope and sequence of the assignment will be negotiated with the mentor and endorsed by the immediate supervisor.

Mentors that are selected will commit to working with their mentee on a leadership project/activity that incorporates the following leadership skills:

  • Work with a widely diverse group of people to achieve common goals or outcomes
  • Facilitate working relationships within a team(s) or build a collaborative, sustainable team. May be either volunteer or employee teams
  • Facilitate the identification of and response to stakeholder needs in order to provide direction and priorities of the unit
  • Manage faculty or staff (or processes supporting faculty and staff) while following University policies and meeting unit goals and objectives
  • Integrate and network with other organizations and/or units to form mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Manage relationships internal and/or external to the University
  • Lead strategic efforts to diversify and/or manage resources (fiscal or human) in support of unit goals and objectives
  • Communicate in a positive, two-way manner that advances unit goals and objectives

Project Prompts

What is an LDPE project?

  • Tackling a ___________ issue/problem/gap.
  • Addressing a new need to solve ___________.
  • Developing a plan to solve ___________.
  • Creating a new ___________.

What is an LDPE project NOT?

  • Something you already are evaluated on completing (however: if you completely redesign, that’s different).
  • A one-pager
  • A five-year project

Questions to ask yourself (Prompts and ideas for developing your project proposal)

  1. What is the best part of your job?
  2. If you could have any job at OSU (disregarding pay scale/titles), what would it be and why?
  3. What would you be most proud of accomplishing this year?
  4. Are there projects in your world which have been on your mind?
  5. What are other leaders in your college/department/unit thinking about but haven’t had time to address?

Feel free to peruse examples of projects that alumni have completed in the individual cohort pages for more ideas.

Project Timeline


  • Think about proposed mentoring and project information and questions
  • Discuss with your leadership and colleagues as applicable
  • Fill out your project questions one-pager to bring with you in December


  • Think about and ask any questions you may have for the leaders/alumni re: projects and mentorship (as well as any other piece of LDPE); they’ll be joining us on Monday
  • At workshop, talk about and share project/mentorship ideas; ask questions


  • Finesse project and mentorship idea
  • Project pitch to your division’s leaders (TBD meeting date)


  • After being assigned your mentor, reach out to set up some mentorship meetings with them


  • Meet with your mentor and work on project (10-20% FTE)

Summer Capstone:

  • Put together 10 minute presentation/fellowship report about your entire leadership journey, including your project details and what you learned from your mentored experience