Program Details

Program Components

The OSU Leadership Collective, which is offered in partnership with the College of Agriculture Sciences, underwent a 360-degree review this past winter after 10 years of the former LDPE program. Based on this review, we have redesigned the program aimed at aligning with the evolving competencies required by leaders within the Extension and Engagement/College of Agricultural Sciences Faculty and meeting leadership development needs of faculty and staff.

The new program will:

  • Support leadership-identified first tier capacity-building competencies and a tailored curriculum to address these identified areas to foster a well-rounded and effective development experience
  • Emphasize the development of soft and interpersonal skills
  • Provide opportunities for engagement and sustained connection between in-person sessions
  • Utilize existing OSU resources
  • Offer a more formalized coaching experience and strong link to project support

Core components:

  • An in-person interpersonal deep dive kickoff focused around PACE’s FourSight assessment and curriculum, with supporting change-style and conflict management components from Ohio State’s Leadership Centre
  • Crucial Conversations Curriculum
  • Ongoing monthly first tier competency trainings facilitated by OSU leaders on communication/relationship building and conflict/change management
  • In-person spring session focused on connection, motivation, and identifying/building strengths
  • Robust and formal coaching and project experiences
  • In-person Graduation Capstone experience


In order to graduate from the program, participants are expected to:

  • Complete self-assessment materials as assigned
  • Attend the kick-off, spring session, and summer capstone
  • Attend all virtual curriculum and training sessions
  • Be engaged throughout the leadership experience
  • Complete project and coaching experience


Program operation costs (meeting rooms, assessment fees, facilitation fees, hotels, meals, etc.) will be covered by each division, department, or college, and will be billed at the conclusion of the program (fall 2025). Cost per participant will be around $4000 for the ten-month experience.

Note: College of Ag and Extension Program Leaders/Regional Directors are very supportive of finding funding for this program. Additionally, quarterly professional development funds may be applied to the program costs. Feel free to reach out if you need support in this capacity.